About Nations Translation Group

Nations Translation Group (NTG) Inc. is the leading Canadian provider of translation services, translating in over 95 languages, including English, French and Indigenous languages spanning traditional territories across Canada. With a track record of close to 30 years and a highly dedicated staff and freelance team of close to 150 professionals, NTG has proven itself to its clients as the largest privately held Canadian translation firm.

Harnessing industry-leading technology and best practices, NTG’s expert language professionals offer translation services in a wide variety of subject areas and document types, for public and private sector clients. More than 100 government agencies and private businesses have come to rely on our high-quality, flexible, 24/7 translation services. That’s right – we translate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have unmatched capacity for high volume, same-day and overnight translation and editing services, tailored to our clients’ needs.

NTG at a glance:

  • We are the trusted French translator of the annual federal budget of Canada
  • We have translated over one billion words since 1992, with tens of millions of words translated each and every year
  • We are ALIA and LICS-certified
  • We are certified in the post-editing of machine translation
  • We are a First Nations-owned and certified Indigenous business by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business and the federal government’s Aboriginal Business Registry
  • We translate in over a dozen Indigenous languages
  • We translate in a wide range of world languages
  • We translate for the largest federal government departments, Crown corporations and some of the largest publicly traded companies in Canada
  • We have a large in-house team of specialists with advanced degrees in linguistics, law, finance and humanities that are supported by a team of professional revisors with experience dealing with complicated files and significant volumes while maintaining a high standard of quality control

For organizations that require speed and accuracy, NTG is the right choice. We care about our clients and their time – and most importantly, we care about their language.

“I have yet to see a translation company at this caliber such as yours. Can’t thank you and your team enough for everything.”

– Environment and Climate Change Canada

Our History

In 1992, The Masha Krupp Translation Group Ltd. was incorporated. Starting modestly and working from the basement of her home with three employees, Masha Krupp set out to fulfill her ambition of providing a high-quality translation service to both the Canadian public and private sectors.

Over the years, the company has provided public and private sector clients with top-quality linguistic services, including translation, localization, adaptation and revision of documents, becoming the largest Canadian-owned translation management firm in the country while embracing industry evolutions.

In 2019, First Nation Venture Capitalist Scott Patles-Richardson acquired the majority shares of the company and lead it through a massive transition within a rapidly evolving language services industry. We became Nations Translation Group Inc. (NTG), and with an investment by the Little Red River Cree Nation in early 2020 to become a shareholder with voting rights, we are now 100 % Indigenous-owned and a certified Indigenous business by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and certified by the federal government on their Aboriginal Business Registry.

In addition to technological upgrades and enhanced capacity for our existing services, we now provide translation in many Indigenous languages spanning traditional territories across Canada. We are both a provider and an employer of choice in the language services industry, delivering crucial linguistic support to a rapidly growing client base.

Our Philosophy

NTG maintains its founding philosophy, which permeates all aspects of our business.

We understand better than most the value of hiring only the highest-quality translators, support resources and experts and adhering to strict quality assurance guidelines that guarantee customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of the linguistic nuances, for example, between French and English. We understand that every document must accurately convey a language’s culture, localization and linguistic subtleties. As part of our promise to provide superior service, our project and client management system will pair the unique requirements of your job with an expert language professional eager to adapt your documents.

Our Corporate Values

Our 28-plus years of experience has taught us the importance of excellence, integrity, community and sustainability in showing our clients that we are the only translation provider who can meet their needs, expectations – on budget and on time.


As the leading provider of translation services in Canada for 28 years, NTG continually seeks to raise the bar by demonstrating total commitment to the needs and expectations of every client, by hiring only the strongest experts in each service area, and by completing our work in the fastest time possible.


Our beliefs and values at NTG go far beyond our promise of superior service and translation excellence. We believe that our business must adhere to the highest standards of professional communication and conduct. We bring this commitment of integrity to all the work we do. We back our promise of superior service and translation excellence with a guarantee of satisfaction, 24/7, 365 days a year. Without exception.


At NTG, we believe that helping others succeed is just as important as our personal and corporate achievements. That's why we support more than 50 charities in Ottawa, across Canada and around the world. We will continue to contribute a share of our annual operating profits, giving back to the communities we serve. As a First Nations-owned business, we are committed to supporting Indigenous communities across Canada, especially in providing educational support and opportunities for First Nation, Métis and Inuit youth.


We strongly believe in keeping Mother Earth a clean and safe world for future generations. We live our corporate philosophy espousing the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainable resource management at every level of our organization. We remain steadfast in our commitment to use of renewable energy and achieving zero waste.

Renewable Energy – We are proud to have led our competition in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2006, we became the first translation agency in Ottawa – and one of only 11 organizations in Ontario – to participate in the Pembina’s Wind Power program. NTG has partnered with Bullfrog Power, one of Canada’s leading green-energy providers to produce wind power for use at our office. Since becoming 100 percent "Bullfrog-powered", we have reduced our annual climate-change and smog-causing emissions footprint by approximately 58,500 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), 172.8 kg of sulphur dioxide (SO2), and 74.5 kg of nitric oxide (NO).

Zero Waste – We are committed to ensuring no waste from the NTG office is sent to landfills. Every day, we continue to minimize and recycle all paper waste. When documents are securely destroyed, the confetti-sized particles remaining are transferred to a recycling facility, where they are returned to the marketplace in the form of recycled paper products. We estimate that our paper recycling program now saves 109 trees per year. NTG exclusively uses recycled paper containing 100 percent post-consumer waste.

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