Translation Services

At Nations Translation Group Inc., we offer our clients the promise of superior, value-added translation services. We are dedicated to meet the needs of our clients in the translation, editing and revisions of a wide variety of documents in numerous formats and mediums including plain text, any word processing application, print-ready and digital-ready PDFs, audio files for podcast, and various formats for digital deployment.

NTG translations always capture the professionalism, accuracy, creativity, and other nuances of the original content, translating it to suit the target language, locality, media and audience.


NTG provides professional and accurate translations in over 95 different languages, including:

  • Our primary expertise – the official languages of Canada, English and French;

  • Numerous foreign languages including Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and many others; and

  • Nearly a dozen Indigenous languages including Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe, Algonquin), Nêhiyawêwin (Plains Cree), Mushkegowuk (Swampy Cree), Oji-Cree, Inuktitut and Mi’gmaq among others.

Translation Specialties

  • All disciplines of law & legal documents
  • All levels of government, public service & policy
  • Arts, culture & heritage
  • Sports & recreation
  • Banking, finance & economics
  • Commercial & industrial documents
  • Courts
  • Engineering, construction & architecture
  • Healthcare
  • IT, software, applications
  • Indigenous languages
  • International agreements & diplomacy
  • Natural resources
  • Science & technology
  • Academic & research documents
  • Technical documents

Meeting High Standards

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients. In doing so, we must also abide by the strict industry process requirements and standards applicable to the provision of translation services by certified translation service providers. These standards are applicable to organizations as well as translators providing the translation services.

NTG meets the strict requirements of both the Canadian translation standards (CAN-CGSB 131.10-2008) established by the Language Industry Association and Canadian General Standards Board, as well as the international translation standards (ISO 17100) established by the Language Industry Certification System.

In-House Supports

As part of our promise of providing value-added translation services, NTG’s in-house support include quality assurance teams, revisors, editors, researchers and terminologists including certified lawyers, trained engineers and linguistics experts. Our one-stop, round-the-clock approach to translation ensures the correct translation – that meet professional standards and your deadline – each and every time.

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